Top 5 States to Get the Best Return on Your Home Investment

Last week, we shared some data released by Federal Housing Finance Industry that highlighted the top 5 areas to find a lower priced home. The study also provides insights into the top 5 states where you’re most likely to see a return on your housing investment. These areas reflected a quarterly appreciation when compared to home prices from the first quarter of 2009.

1. Washington DC – Home sale prices in the District of Columbia were up a whopping 14.2% compared to last year. That’s an appreciation level nearly double the percentage of the state in the #2 spot. DC has been referred to as “recession-proof” due to the government being a steady source of jobs that attract people from all over the country. If you are one of those people you may want to consider investing in real estate.

2. North Dakota – This state boasts low crime, good public schools, low unemployment and saw an appreciation level of 7.48%. The North Dakota housing market is one of the most stable in the country and there is a very low foreclosure rate as well.

3. California – Popular areas such as San Francisco & San Diego have house prices that are way up and the entire state saw an appreciation of 2.85%.

4. Colorado – Colorado is bouncing back from the recession at an impressive rate. Home prices are following suit – up 1.51% from last year.

5. Vermont – There are a lot of beautiful, scenic areas to call home in Vermont. And with housing prices up 1.44% it’s also a great place to invest in a home.

It’s good news for both buyers and sellers that housing prices are on the rise in some areas. Current home owners now have a better chance of selling their house for what it’s worth. People looking to buy a home can buy with confidence knowing that home prices in these areas are on the rise. Home buyers will want to act quickly and take advantage of historically low mortgage rates in order to get a low monthly payment on the home of their dreams.

3 Keys to Getting the Best Home Investment Program

Today there are several different stock programs on the market which will generate analytically picked stocks which are set to go and profitable trends so that you can invest accordingly without needing the experience or time to invest yourself. These programs are modeled after programs which professional traders use to anticipate market data but are available on a home based scale.

All you’ve got to do is invest in the corresponding picks which they generate to make reliable money. Not every home investment program is as good as the next, so here’s what to look for to get the best stock program for the money.

First, look for the home investment program you go with to focus entirely on cheap stocks. Penny stocks perform with much more volatility than greater priced stocks as it takes virtually little trading influence and send them skyrocketing value. Some home investment programs exclusively target cheap stocks for this reason, because if you can find a cheap stock which is set to go on a profitable jump you can make far more money on it than an initially greater valued stock.

Next, go with a home investment program with a money back guarantee on it. Most importantly for the reason for doing this is the fact that it enables you to test the program first hand. This entails getting the program, receiving a handful stock picks, and following their performances along in the market accordingly. I’ve done this with every home investment program I’ve ever used and find it to be the best indication of whether or not this program is worth your money.

You can also check out a user review site or two to learn a thing about the most popular, not to mention the least popular, stock programs on the market. You can learn interesting insights about these programs which you likely never learn from the publisher themselves.

Making The Most From Your Home Investment

Real estate has always leaned itself towards the world of investment. For many years the real estate market showed remarkable stability and growth, making it the preferred investment for many smart investors across the country. Over the past decade the real estate industry has seen the development of more properties then ever before and subsequently the development of more millionaires then ever before. All it takes to see the results of this trend is a few minutes of TV. Chances are if you watch for a few minutes you will be confronted with at least one show on home flipping and at least one guy trying to sell his get rich quick real estate program. The reality is that those programs aren’t really necessary, all investing takes is some education, common sense and timing.

Making the most from your real estate investment involves careful planning and an understanding of the market that you are dealing with, be it sales or long-term rentals. Each area of investment has their own particular concerns that should be taken into account before the initial investment is made. Starting with home flipping, first let’s realize that renovating and flipping a home is not as easy as they make it look on those TV shows. usually they are showing you the best case scenarios, crammed into a one hour minus commercials space. Flipping a home and renovating before sale takes a good amount of venture capital to pay for the renovations and to pay the mortgage while the home is listed. There are a lot of up front costs that need to be addressed and recognized before any project starts. Make sure that you have a good fix on what this project will cost and be sure to have a slush fund set aside in case things go over budget (as they so often do). You will also have to time the renovations in order to have the home listed at the right time. Different areas may have different “hot” periods, make sure you know when these are!

Buying a home as a rental property allows a bit more time to get things underway as the home does not to be sold as soon as possible. This will allow more time to get the home ready for tenants if the need is there. When preparing a home for rental it is essential to get everything in perfect working order. This protects you as a landlord in case the tenants break anything. Also, the nicer the place and the better condition it is in; the higher the rent you will be able to collect. Try to find a property that is in an area where there is a high demand for rentals and that offers good access to basic amenities. Location is important to renters as it is to home owners, so homes that are close to business districts and schools are popular. Finally, take time and interview your potential tenants. Don’t hesitate to ask for and check references. This property represents a source of income and you cannot afford to have tenants whose ability to pay the rent on time is questionable.

3 Home Improvements With the Highest Return on Your Investment

1. Replace Your Front Door

This might seem like a fairly minor home improvement, but, replacing your front door has been shown time and time again to bring an amazing return. A new steel door averaged a 98% return. When looking at cost versus value, a new door is the top of the list.


Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. You pull up to a house you are interested in. You see the landscape, the trees, the shrubs. All fixable. Then you walk up to the house. The front door is old looking, worn, splintered wood. Your are about to literally walk through the door to your future… do you want it to look old and decrepit?

Now, picture a new, steel door. Nice paint. Strong. Looks safe. Much better. This puts the buyer in a positive state of mind before they even step foot in your home.

A replacement steel door averaged a 98% return on investment – by far the highest return in our historical look at the “Cost vs. Value Report.”

2. Kitchen Remodeling

This project is almost always at the top of the list. Kitchens are often the focal point of a home. Buyers look there first, and often put a lot of emphasis on how the kitchen looks, functions and feels.

Old, outdated appliances and ugly color on the walls turns buyers off. New floors, upgraded counter tops (tile and stone tend to bring the biggest return), along with fresh paint and new plumbing and lighting fixtures can all bring a serious return on your investment and also increases your home’s value.

3. Basement Waterproofing and Finishing

Your basement represents a whole floor of your home. If you have a rancher, you have the potential to turn it into a two-storey home.

But, the area has to be dry and free of mold and water damages if you are going to use it as a living area. This is why basement waterproofing brings such a great return. It gets rid of mold, foundation and wall problems and keeps the area dry. If you are going to store things in your basement or put in furniture, flooring and add rooms, you need the area to be completely dry.

Remodeling your basement is where the biggest bang for your buck comes in, especially if you have a small home. Have a two bedroom, one bathroom home?

You can add an extra bathroom (huge increase in home value), bedrooms, an extra living room, home gym or office, and just about any other room you desire.

Beach House – The Perfect Investment Home

Interested in investing in a beach house? Many people are nervous about buying beach front property because of the frequently high initial cost and the out of the way location. However, current the recent foreclosure crisis has made now the perfect time to invest in a beautiful piece of beach front property. Read on for why a beach house is one of the best investments someone can make.

A Beach House Is More Than The Structure

Buying a home on the beach is more than just buying the structure of the home. Property with beach access is frequently valued with or without a home currently occupying the location, and many times prospective buyers will be looking to build their own home anyway. This leads to a property market that rises without hinging a great deal on the value and upkeep of the specific home.

A Struggling Economy Makes Beach Homes Cheap

While times of economic prosperity make many people interested in purchasing beach homes for vacation properties and areas to get away, times of economic trouble lower the demand for beach front locations. This means that right now savvy investors can snatch up beach houses for much less than they will probably be worth as the economy continues to recover. Waterfront property is going for much less than it was just a few years ago, and it will probably be the first thing to recover as the economy starts to improve.

Renting Your Beach House

It is important to remember that owning a beach house investment means owning a beautiful getaway on the beach. You can rent out your beach home for instant profits on a seasonal, monthly, or weekly schedule to start earning money from your investment right away. With the right setup and a little bit of furniture, you can keep your beach home earning for you all year long.

Taking A Beach Home Vacation

Because you already have a place to go, you can save a huge expense when you take a vacation by simply visiting your own beach home. A beach house makes your vacations cheap and easy to plan, and since you are setting up any renters you may have you will know in advance when you can travel. By taking a vacation to your second home on the beach, you get to have a great relaxing vacation without worrying about lodging expenses in a foreign environment.

Living In Your Waterfront House

If your lifestyle allows for it, nothing is stopping you from making a beautiful beach residence your primary home. Living in a waterfront home lets you take in stunning beach views and vacation living all year round. You will be able to maintain and improve your beach front home to improve the resale value while benefiting from the scenic area and laid back lifestyle.

Many factors make now the perfect time to consider a beach home investment. There will probably never be a better opportunity for picking up a waterfront home that will increase in value quickly for an affordable price.